Open Door Association arose from a joint between Marta Zerbazzi, English Teacher, certificated by TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in St. Giles International and Gustavo Pimenta, brain paralysis porter, with a strong motor and speaking endangerment, bachelor in Computing Sciences.

After his alphabetization at Associação de Apoio ao Deficiente – AACD, Gustavo Pimenta, using creative ways that facilitated him computer practice and receiving orientation as well support concluded the Computer Sciences Course at Instituto São Camilo. He wrote a book, “A Comunicação do Deficiente por meio de Sistemas de Apoio Suplementar – (SAS)” and took part at Annual Meeting of SBPC, taken in Recife (July/2003), where presented his work.

Then, an English capability was requested, trying to increase his professional and cultural perspectives. Facing this necessity, it was observed there was no social organization or institution that could offer free capability, in English or Computing.

The Association proposal is use the experience and motivation from the founder, so handicapped people in potential can have an opportunity to develop. The Association has to proportion its beneficiaries, tools and support, so they can go on studying and reach better communitarian constitution.