OPEN DOOR is the newest Brazilian member in World Community Grid (WCG), a community with no profitable aims, supported by IBM which promotes researches in Health and Environment Area. Once in WCG, OPEN DOOR obtains its own computers network helping the Grid’s mission.

WCG ( is a worldwide project that renders objective to use the idle capacity from PCs in scientific researches related to Health, Biological and Environmental questions.

Using the idle time from PCs in millions of homes, schools and offices, WCG established a permanent and flexible infrastructure that offers to researchers a huge computing force to solve problems that affect humanity, as: researches about new and remaining infectious diseases, genome researches and diseases, natural disasters and starvation.

It is important emphasize WCG is safe, it doesn’t offer risks to net, it is free and easy use. To access, download and install a simple software in your computer. Once idle, computers request data to WCG server, they start a calculating process involved in the research, return back to server and ask new data to a new work. WCG was developed on an infrastructure and IBM support, as well the software from United Devices, it is characterized by an Advisory Council made up by international and renowned people in Science, Health, Technology and Philanthropy.

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